Front and Rear Racks

Before and after photos:

DSC00242 DSC00243

Caroline’s new Surly Ogre, named Freya, was in need of racks for carrying gear.  Tubus racks have a very good reputation and I had no problems with the Tubus rack on my old touring bike.  So, off I went to to look at racks.  They have the best prices I could find on Tubus racks and they’re semi-local (based in Ft. Collins, CO).  I called them up and spoke to Wayne about racks for the Ogre.  On his recommendation I chose the Tubus Logo Evo for the rear and a Tubus Duo for the front.  He was very helpful and took the time to make sure I was aware of any possible issues with installing the racks.  Two days later they arrived and I made quick work of installing them.  The installation was pretty straightforward, but here are some details that might help someone installing the same racks on this bike (which is a size medium frame, by the way).

Tubus Duo Front Rack

A close-up of the front rack installed: DSC00251For the top mounting screws, I used the middle holes on the Duo top rail mount points.  These holes are an almost exact fit for the Ogre fork and result in a very level top rail.  I didn’t use any washers on the top screws since they were a pretty tight fit to the fork (one side had maybe 1.5 mm of space, the other side needed to be pulled apart a millimeter or so).

On the bottom mount point, I used the spacers provided with the Tubus Duo (Wayne included some extras which I didn’t end up needing).  Here’s a close-up of the lower mount point: DSC00268Notice the silver washer and black spacer keeping the rack away from the fork.  These spacers ensure the rack tube isn’t crushed against the fork leg and also gave me enough space for the mounting screws for the front fenders (details on the fender install).

Here’s a shot of the clearance between the front rack and the disc brake: DSC00250This photo makes the gap look smaller than a millimeter, but it’s probably more like 1.5-2 mm.  Hopefully that’s good enough.

Tubus Logo Evo Rear Rack

Here is the rear rack installed:DSC00252The rear rack was even easier than the front.  I mounted the bottom of the rack in the rear-most mounting hole above the Ogre’s rear dropout.  Then I connected the upper mounting stays to the bike’s seat stays and tightened it all up.  Easy peasy!  The bars that connect the top of the rack to the bike come with little plastic caps for the ends.  I used those and extended the bars as far as I could.  This resulted in an almost level top rail with the rack leaning forward just a bit.  When I installed fenders (see next blog post), I ended up moving the bottom of the rack to the forward mounting hole above the dropout.  This made the top of the rack almost perfectly level.

Plenty of tire clearance:DSC00256



2 thoughts on “Front and Rear Racks

  1. Hi, Can you tell me if you had to order the Stay Clampset or any other parts for mounting the rear Logo EVO rack. How has it been going on the bike since you installed it? Thanks

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. I didn’t see this comment. We didn’t need any extra hardware. The hardware that came with the rack worked fine. The racks have worked great with no problems.

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