Day 0: Counting Down!

Have you been wondering when we’re hitting the road? Well, wait no longer! Tomorrow is the first day of our new lives as travelling cyclists. Tonight we are at Caroline’s parents’ house outside of Annapolis, Maryland. We arrived here yesterday after spending a week in Columbus, Ohio at Caroline’s sister’s house. We spent a week there because our cat will be living with Caroline’s sister while we’re gone. We wanted to make sure our cat was settling in comfortably before we said goodbye to him. Thankfully our cat seems more accepting of the change than we had feared. The last couple days he even seemed to be tolerating the presence of her sister’s dog.

So, as I said, tomorrow we hit the road. We’ll roll out of the driveway and head north to Baltimore. Most of tomorrow we’ll be following the route of the East Coast Greenway to our hotel north of Baltimore. There’s really no camping in that area, so we’ll splurge on a hotel room for the first night. The next day we’ll start following the route of the Adventure Cycling Association’s (ACA) Atlantic Coast Route. This is the cycling route we’ll be following north to Maine. The ACA publishes maps that highlight their suggested route as well as lodging, camping and food along the way. With the help of these maps we already have our first four days and nights planned out.

We’ll be posting to this blog as we go along, so stay tuned!

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