Day 4: Bring on the Calories

28 Miles

Whoopie Pie!

Whoopie Pie!

After yesterday’s sufferfest, can you blame us for sleeping in? Add in a morning rain storm and we didn’t leave our tent until 10:30 AM. We knew we didn’t have too far to go today so a lazy morning was no cause for concern. After a hearty oatmeal breakfast we packed up and hit the road. Seeing as how we didn’t leave camp until after 12 noon, it wasn’t long before we were thinking about lunch. We stopped in a town called Mt. Joy, PA and had a bite to eat in a nice cafe on the main street. Caroline got a whoopie pie with a chocolate shell on top that was YUMMY! Then it was back on the road to burn those calories.

Our next stop was at a hardware store in the town of Mannheim, PA. For several days now I’ve been wanting to pick up a small American flag to put on the back of my bike. When I was in Glacier National Park in 2007 another bike tourist told me his theory that if you have an American flag on the back of your bike, people will give you more space when they pass you on the highway. I don’t know if it helps or not, but regardless, I like having the stars & stripes on the bike as I pedal across our country.

Not long after Mannheim I was getting hungry again. Yesterday I had noticed myself getting hungry pretty frequently and today was no different. I’m happy to say we’ve hit the point in the bike trip when we can eat pretty much anything we want.

Cool camp cat at Starlite Campground.

Cool camp cat at Starlite Campground.

Finally we came to the end of the ride and the dreaded climb up to the Starlite Camping Resort. I’m not sure the mileage or elevation gain, but it was dang steep! In the end it was all worthwhile since they have a pool and free hot showers and ice cream! In fact it’s so nice here (and we’re so tired) that we’ll probably stay here another night and take a rest day tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “Day 4: Bring on the Calories

  1. Keep up the blogs. It is fun to read about your travels! Cute kitty.

  2. I did not notice the date of your blog and just called the campground trying to get your flags for your bikes, which they have in the store. But I missed you. I hope you find them… loVe you both. ..

    • Thanks for the thought, but our blog will always be a day or two behind at least. And I found a flag already too.

  3. Hey Alan and Caroline….So happy you are having such a good time. My family and I are thoroughly enjoying your blog posts. Alan, your photos are a joy to see…and Caroline, What a cook!!!! I think Judy and I need to make a trip to Mt.Joy PA for one of those chocolate coated whoopie pies. Best wishes….we’ll be there with you all the way!!! Anita Dorr

    • Thanks, Anita, I’m so glad you are enjoying our blog! I’m enjoying the challenge of cooking on the road and I’m planning on posting more about my road-recipes.

    • I can’t take credit for all the photos. We each have a camera and Caroline takes more with her cell phone than I do. So she’s probably taken more of our photos so far than I have.

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