Day 5: Rest Day

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Today we took a rest day, electing to stay for one more night at Starlite Camping Resort instead of pressing on farther east. Even though we weren’t planning to be riding today, we got up fairly early for dollar donuts at the camp store. I had a cream filled doughnut, although I was tempted by the apple fritter that is a local Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy. I think this is a Sunday tradition at the campground, and the retirees who are summer-long residents are a lively bunch. We spent the morning using the camp store wi-fi to finish blog posts, curate photos and send email. One man chided us for working, but we just laughed that “we’re not working, we don’t have jobs!”.

Having a rest day was terrific, and my legs are very grateful, but it meant that I didn’t get to resupply the kitchen pannier before arriving at the campground, so we were a bit low on food. However, the little store at the campground had enough stuff to cobble together a meal for the two of us. I made box macaroni and cheese for lunch, thanks to the kind gift of a quarter cup of milk from the lady at the store. I also picked up some instant oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. After lunch, we relaxed at the pool for a few hours, where I read in the shade while Alan stalked butterflies and bees with the camera.


Some sort of fritillary?




Cabbage white butterfly

Dinner was also an improvisation. I had one onion and half a bag of pasta left in the kitchen pannier. I borrowed some butter from a neighboring camper and with the onion and some seasonings, dressed up a can of tomato sauce purchased at the camp store into a passable pasta sauce.

Dressing up tomato sauce

Dressing up tomato sauce

After dinner we hiked up to the top of the campground to enjoy the view to the south. The campground has a lot of seasonal campers, although most seem to have gone home after the weekend; Sunday night is very quiet here. We finished off the night with some Hershey’s ice cream at the store. Several campers gathered at the picnic tables outside the store, so we chatted with them for a while, talking about our route and some of the interesting sights to be had in Lancaster County. I’m still hoping we might catch an Amish horse and buggy on the road tomorrow!

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  1. The bees were HUGE. So big, in fact, I dubbed them “rumblebees”.

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