Day 6: Starlite Camping Resort to French Creek State Park

39.6 miles

As we packed up this morning, our neighbors came over to see how we fit all our gear into our panniers. They were very impressed with our packing strategy. So, with fresh legs and two cream-filled donuts from the camp store in my handlebar bag, we rolled out around 9:30 am. Our oatmeal breakfast didn’t seem to last very long, so we stopped for the doughnuts only a few miles down the road. Then, at the bottom of a big hill we braked hard for an Amish farm stand selling fresh strawberries. The woman running the stand was kind enough to sell us half a quart, which we stashed in a zip lock bag in the food pannier for later in the day.


Farmstand Strawberries

We stopped for lunch at Ranck’s Family Restaurant in Bowmansville. They serve typical Pennsylvania Dutch food, a little on the heavy side, but it certainly sticks to your ribs and fills you up. The pot roast was pretty good and Alan enjoyed a beautiful slice of fresh strawberry pie. Before heading out of town we stopped at a quick-mart for a box of macaroni and cheese to restock the kitchen pannier. We also stopped at Country Maid Bakery for a loaf of bread. The bakery is a fairly large commercial operation that smelled wonderful. I couldn’t pass up their chocolate cupcakes, so I stashed two of them in my handlebar bag for later. Although most of the ride through Lancaster and Berks Counties was rolling and delightful, the final push into the campground was a long steep hill. The cupcake was my just reward once I finished the ride into French Creek State Park. We settled on a site with electric, set up camp and had nice hot showers before cooking dinner.

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6 thoughts on “Day 6: Starlite Camping Resort to French Creek State Park

  1. To clarify, the strawberry pie wasn’t all I had for lunch. I had some tasty haddock as well. I don’t want you all thinking I’m only eating desserts out here on the road. 🙂

  2. Fresh strawberries are nice when a dangling carrot just wont do!

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