Day 7: Meeting Other Bike Tourists, Almost

47 miles

Despite being at the top of a steep hill, French Creek Campground was a nice place to stay.  Any campground with showers is ok by me.  And there were no mosquitoes to speak of, which was a nice bonus.  But they did have a bunch of little gnats that liked to fly in our faces.  These bugs were annoying us at breakfast and encouraged us to hit the road.

Caroline climbing past corn and wheat.

Caroline climbing past corn and wheat.

We weren’t on the road long before we rode into St. Peters Village, PA.  We decided to stop in the local bakery for a second breakfast.  I had a piece of fruit pie. 🙂  While we were there a local cyclist stopped to say ‘hi’ and ask about our trip.  He knew all about the ACA Atlantic Coast Route we’re following because he was an ACA member, had ridden across the country in the past, and is a host for  Meeting him made me think it’s time we start using Warm Showers on occasion to find people to stay with.

A while later we were riding into the area east of Valley Forge National Park.  Traffic was busier than yesterday, which got on our nerves.  We had to stop in the shade along a bike path for a sandwich and to relax.  While we were stopped a young woman biking with her parents stopped to ask about our trip.  It was obvious from her more specific questions that she had done some bike touring herself.  She said she had ridden from the East Coast to Colorado.  We talked with her about our trip for a few minutes.  It was nice to run into yet another bike tourist, but I find it odd we have yet to meet any other bike tourists who are traveling on the same route we are.

Some photos from Valley Forge:

After our snack we visited the headquarters of George Washington when he was in Valley Forge.  It was interesting to see the small house where he lived and worked at the time.  The visitor center for Valley Forge was apparently up a hill, so we decided to pass on seeing that and continued our ride into Conshohocken, PA.  In town we stopped at an REI to pick up a couple things and found a local hotel room for the night.  We finished off with a pig-out dinner at a “Friendly’s” restaurant and then called it a night.

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