Day 9: Resting in New Hope, PA

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PlayhouseOur rest day began with a big breakfast followed by lounging on the couch watching World Cup soccer.  Eventually we drove into town so I could get my hair cut.  When my hair gets about a centimeter long I get a flat patch up top from my helmet.  So simply cutting it all off avoids that problem.  No hair = no helmet hair!  I got my beard trimmed short at the same time since it was getting itchy.


After that Susan took us into downtown New Hope.  For a small town they have a surprising number of shops and restaurants.  The town reminds me a little of Aspen, CO in that regard.  The first two photos on this page are of the Bucks County Playhouse.  Susan told us about some of the famous people who have played this theatre over the years.  Recently Marsha Mason was performing and Susan even saw her in the local grocery store.

We walked across the river to the town of Lambertville, NJ which was my first time entering New Jersey!  We stopped for a snack and looked around a small cemetery.  Then it was back to Susan and Peter’s house for dinner and a little more TV.


Us on bridge

Lambertville cemetery

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