Day 15: Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot

23 miles

Tiger Lillies along the Delaware River

Tiger Lillies along the Delaware River

Whew, was it hot in our tent last night!  We folded the rainfly back halfway to maximize airflow, but it didn’t help much since there wasn’t much of a breeze.  When it did cool off a little in the morning,  I just crawled inside my thin sleeping bag liner and never used my sleeping bag at all.

For breakfast we tried a little experiment.  We had bought some powdered milk at the grocery store on Sunday and today we mixed some up for a breakfast of milk and granola.  The milk wasn’t too bad, but would have been better if the water had been ice cold.  Unfortunately the granola we bought was sub-par.  We both agreed that we should have bought some Fruit Loops instead.  That would have been a tasty start to the day!

I’m sad to say that today was hot from the moment we rolled out of the campground.  We stopped a few miles down the road in Portland, PA for a 2nd breakfast at a bagel place.  While Caroline went inside I pumped a little air into our tires.  While doing so I was literally dripping sweat on the ground.  I went inside to use their bathroom, mainly so I could be inside the air conditioning for a few minutes.

Riding into Stroudsburg, PA we had to climb up a long hill.  We stopped several times, usually when there was any shade to be had on the side of the road.  The heat was so intense at times that it actually felt like pressure squeezing us from all sides.  Needless to say, we stopped soon for a Gatorade and drank it while standing inside the air conditioned convenience store.  At one point today I recall riding past a Subaru dealership and missing my old Subaru with its nice cold A/C.  Why are we doing this on bikes when we could be in a car?

Our next stop was at Target, not just to sit in the A/C, but also because I needed to pick up a new pair of flip-flops and a nylon ball cap.  The cotton cap I have is not great for these hot days so I’ll mail it home with my old bike saddle.  Speaking of which, my butt was a little tender today on my new saddle, but I’m hoping I’ll get used to it.  I’m thankful we’re riding short days due to the heat so I can ease into sitting on my new saddle.

Finally we struggled up a steep hill into the parking lot of a Ramada and checked into our room.  Thankfully the room’s A/C was already blowing strong and we took showers and laid in bed enjoying the cold air.  While we were laying there a thunderstorm came through and dumped rain outside.  Yet another reason to be glad we have a room for the night.  Eventually hunger drove us outside and we walked to a nearby Indian restaurant that is located in an old train car.  Neither of us felt hungry during the day due to the heat, but we really ate well tonight.  We finished every last bit of food we ordered and waddled back to the hotel.

2014-07-02 15.33.04

The rainstorm outside our hotel room.

The Indian restaurant in an old train car

The Indian restaurant in an old train car


Here’s a little theme music for today’s blog post.  Did you see Bill Murray in the video below?  No?  Now you have to go watch it again, huh?

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