Day 18: Last Day in the Poconos

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Alan in the Boulder Field

Alan emerges from the rocks

Today was our last day in the Poconos. While Peter and Joe played golf, and the girls all went shopping at the outlets, Alan and I stayed home to relax and do some final prep for traveling tomorrow. Once everyone got back to the ski place after lunch, we all piled into the cars for a trip over to Hickory Run State Park and a visit to the Boulder Field. The Boulder Field is just that, a huge barren boulder field in the middle of the forest. It was created during the last glacial period about 20,000 years ago. It’s quite a sight, and you can read more about it here. Our whole group had fun hopping around on the boulders and goofing off in the depressions that people have carved out by moving the rocks around. Apparently the boulders are over 12 feet deep. The Boulder Field is really an amazing place and I loved seeing it.

Shades of Death!

Eeek! Shades of Death Trail!

Afterwards, we hiked the Shades of Death Trail (cue ominous thunder and lightning). The trail follows a stream through a cool, dark hemlock forest and rocky out-croppings, so I’m guessing that’s where the name comes from. We hiked upstream, past a dam, where we spotted huge bullfrog tadpoles. The forest was very cool in temperature, and many rhododendron and mountain laurel were still in bloom. I experimented with camera settings to take some interesting shots of the waterfalls.

Back at the house, Peter prepared terrific marinated and grilled flank steak for dinner and we all sat down together for a delicious meal. No trip to the Poconos is complete with out a round of mini-golf, so around 8 pm we all piled back in the cars for a trip to 940-Golf-n-Fun. We golfed until at least 10 pm and it was surprisingly cold. I was wearing my long-sleeve wool top and shivering! It was hard to believe, given the hot and humid days I suffered through early in the week. I very much wished to bottle it up and take it with me for the coming days, since I know they’re going to just get hot again.

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  1. Great photos, looks like a beautiful place. I love following the blog and am glad you are having such fun.

  2. It was beautiful up in the Poconos. But it’s amazing how green it is EVERYWHERE out here. So many plants and critters all over.

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