Day 20: Cruising the Water Gap

32.5 miles

milbrook village

Milbrook Village

I’ll admit that I was a little nervous that we would be visited at our campsite by the bear, but all was quiet last night. We set out early today and rode through a fair bit of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The Delaware River has cut a deep pass through the mountains of northern Jersey and Pennsylvania and the park spans about 40 miles of the river. Although it was hilly, the roads were quiet and it felt like we had the park to ourselves for most of the day. We traveled on Old Mine Road, which runs the length of the park on the Jersey side. We stopped briefly in Milbrook Village, which is a 19th century village typical of the small hamlets that dotted this part of the county in the 1800s. We also biked through Peters Valley, which is another small village that now serves as a center promoting American Crafts. Unfortunately the shop was closed, but there was some cool sculpture nearby. I’d love to go back and explore this area some more:  there is lots of beautiful scenery and plenty of early American history. It looks like a terrific place to hike as well.

peters valley

After the Water Gap, we made our way to Cedar Ridge Campground for the night. Just before the entrance to the campground, we spotted a serve-yourself farm stand selling some vegetables and eggs. We bought a dozen tiny eggs for just a dollar! Normally I wouldn’t think of the two of us eating a dozen eggs in the span of one day, but when you are bike touring, anything goes! I borrowed a few tablespoons of butter from another camper and fried up a few eggs to eat with pasta and dinnersauce for dinner. It was a weird combination, but it worked. The campground has a large pavilion with a refrigerator, so I’m stashing the rest of the eggs and butter in there until tomorrow. We’ll be having fried egg sandwiches for breakfast tomorrow—I’m looking forward to that. We’ve noticed that a lot of campgrounds have people who stay all summer, setting up elaborate RV sites, complete with landscaping and sheds. Cedar Ridge has a lot of “seasonal campers”, who, in this case, look to be staying all four seasons. Its a bit shabby and I’ll just be diplomatic and say that we’ve stayed in nicer campgrounds. Storms are threatening, so we have to batten down the hatches for the night.

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  1. “Nicer campgrounds” indeed! That reminds me I need to give them a bad review on google to warn away future bike tourists. 🙂

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