Day 21: New York Again

33 miles

Packing up in the pavilion.

Packing up in the pavilion.

Last night we had some really strong thunderstorms come through the area. Sometimes the lightning would be so bright you could see the flash even with your eyes closed. And the wind was blowing hard and putting our tent to the test. Thankfully the tent held up well and we stayed dry inside. Since the outside of our tent was so wet this morning, we decided to carry all our gear over to the nearby pavilion (basically a big open air rec hall). There were many picnic tables we could use to spread out our gear and cook breakfast.

After sponging off our tent and letting it dry in the sun, we were finally ready to hit the road. After about four miles we rolled into New York state and the town of Port Jervis. We needed to take care of some errands in town before moving on. We started at the library so Caroline could use the wifi to finish submitting a paper written by her and one of her grad students. Then we found the post office so I could mail home my old saddle and one of our cable locks. We decided a single cable lock was meeting our needs. Finally, and most importantly, food! We stopped in a pizza place and each got a couple slices of pizza. Caroline usually only gets a single slice when we stop for mid-day pizza, so I knew she was hungry today when she ordered two slices. Then we stopped for a few groceries and hit the road.

The biking today wasn’t too bad. Apparently we’re about as close to New York City as we’ll get on our bikes on this trip. I think the traffic is kinda busy (and drivers impatient) and I wonder if that’s due to our proximity to NYC. The last mile to the campground was about the worst of the day (it seems like that’s often the case) with no shoulder and impatient drivers speeding past too closely.

Our campground tonight is similar to last night’s in that it seems more like a mobile home park than a regular campground. Everyone here seems to be permanent residents with storage sheds and flower gardens. We’re the only ones who are just passing through. The nice lady who checked us in suggested we could use their pavilion in case it rained tonight. She said we can hang out there and perhaps jokingly added “You can even sleep under there!” That’s enough of an invitation for me and we promptly moved our tent under the pavilion.

Good thing we did too. The expected thunderstorms did roll in and soak the area. But we were able to stay dry under the protection of the pavilion roof.  Tomorrow we should reach Poughkeepsie, NY and we plan to stay there two nights so we can have an extra day to rest our legs and take care of some errands that are only possible in a larger town like that.

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