Day 22: Into Poughkeepsie

35 miles

Waking up to dry gear despite last night’s rain was a real treat.  Our next treat of the morning was some muffins that we bought yesterday in Port Jervis.  Caroline opened them up and was surprised to find one had an oddly large air bubble in it.  Wait a minute, that’s no air bubble!  A mouse or chipmunk had gotten into our panniers during the night and nibbled a big hole in the muffin.  Thankfully it didn’t chew a hole in our pannier as well but merely snuck in through the top opening.  The other muffins were unmolested, so we made do with three muffins for breakfast instead of four.  I know some of you might be grossed out and would have thrown them all out, but at 400 calories per muffin, we couldn’t afford to throw them all away and forgo the energy they contained.

Shawangunk Mountains

Shawangunk Mountains

Despite the tasty muffin breakfast we were soon looking for our next snack.  When a convenience store appeared we stopped in and bought some OJ and a box of 12 donuts.  You know the typical chocolate, powder sugar and plain donuts?  We ate half the box right away and tucked the rest into a pannier to be eaten later in the day.  On our way into Poughkeepsie we had some nice views of the Shawangunk Mountains to our left including some cliff bands above pastoral farms.

During the last half of today’s ride I had a weird sensation where my right foot all of a sudden became detached from the bike.  You see, normally our shoes are clipped into our pedals, so when my right foot suddenly felt no resistance at all, I was confused.  I looked down and wouldn’t you know it, my pedal had come completely unscrewed from my crank arm and was stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Turns out my pedal bearings were a little sticky and that had caused the pedal threads to gradually come undone.  I screwed the pedal back into place and we headed for the next bike shop which was conveniently only a few miles up the road.

Big sculpture in a yard.

Big sculpture in a yard.

The Bicycle Depot in New Paltz, NY was conveniently on the ACA route so as we rode past we stopped in to see if they could help me out.  The guys there were very helpful and quickly greased both my pedals and only asked for a few bucks for their time.  We were quickly back on the road into Poughkeepsie.  Thanks guys!

The last few miles into Poughkeepsie were on a rail trail (a railroad bed converted into a walking/biking path) and it was nice to get away from the traffic for a little while.  But before we got on the trail we were stopped by a friendly guy who chatted with us for a while about our trip and gave us some pointers about the area.  Turns out he was an off duty cop and he had seen quite a few bike tourists come through the area over the years.  It’s nice to meet friendly people like him who are curious about our trip and want to help us find our way around their local area.

Donut Break

Third donut break of the day. Yum!

We finally made it into Poughkeepsie, actually Highland, NY, which is across the river.  We’ll be staying in a motel here (the Atlas Motor Lodge which looks like it hasn’t changed much since the sixties) for two nights.  We’re looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

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