Day 25: When the going gets tough, the tough do a short day

20.8 miles

We left Rudd Pond State Park this morning and rode back into Millerton for breakfast at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. Their chocolate croissant was delicious. Our plan was to ride to Riverton, CT to stay with a Warm Showers host for the night. “Was” is the operative word here. Straight out of Millerton we began slogging up and down hills in Connecticut. And it was hot and oppressively humid again. We stopped in North Canaan for water and that just did me in. I was tired of biking, tired of stewing in my own sweaty juices, tired of finding everyday a challenge. So we stopped in a park for a while and talked about how to proceed. We decided that for the time being, shorter days would be better. Fifteen or twenty miles seems so paltry, but the heat and humidity, combined with all the climbing, makes it a real challenge for me.

Alan called our Warm Showers hosts and told them we wouldn’t be making it that night. A few miles east of North Canaan, we found the Lone Oak Campground and took a campsite for the night. Lone Oak is another one of those seasonal RV camps, and is quite busy on a weekend. The place is huge, with something like 500 sites, a camp store, pools and a hot tub, basketball court, tennis court, and so on. But they had a nice tent site for us in the trees, near the showers and laundry, which we were glad to use. We made camp and I immediately laid down for a much needed nap. Once I was up, we did laundry and made dinner. As we were preparing dinner, we were a little surprised to see another bike tourist come in. We’ve hardly seen any other riders on our route. Peter is riding solo, Florida to Maine, and this is his 17th bike tour. After he made camp and had his dinner, he came over and chatted with us for a while. Peter is German, but has lived in South Africa for many years. He’s done many bike tours in Europe and the US and has a lot experience with self-supported bike tours. After Peter left us to work on his daily report to his wife, we headed over to the camp store for some ice cream, and then to bed.


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  1. Glad to see that you guys are tough enough to make that conversion. Switching to a shorter day can be a really tough move.Luv, Dad☺

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