Day 26: Our First Warm Showers Hosts

16 miles

Despite the large size of last night’s campground, it wasn’t too noisy and I slept ok.  It helps that it wasn’t a hot night and we left the rainfly off the tent to get a little more fresh air.  The campground store had milk so we were able to enjoy a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast.  It was a nice change from oatmeal, which can get old, especially in warm weather.

For some reason I thought we had about 20 to 25 miles to ride today, but thankfully our ride was much shorter.  In addition to using the ACA maps for route finding, we also rely on Google Maps bicycling directions to get around, especially when we deviate from the ACA route.  At one point today I checked Google and was surprised that we only had four miles to go to our Warm Showers hosts’ house!  It’s always nice when your route is shorter than expected.  Usually we end up pedalling a little longer than we estimated due to side trips or campgrounds being further off the highway than expected.

Us and Allison and Karl and their kidsSo after alerting our hosts to our earlier than expected arrival, we finished the last several miles and rolled into their driveway.  Karl was out back stacking firewood and apologized for being hot and sweaty when we arrived.  Ha!  As if we weren’t sweaty ourselves on this humid morning.  We then met his wife Allison and their two boys Oliver and Beckett.

They had a spare room for us to sleep in and a bathroom we could use to get cleaned up.  It really blows my mind how generous they were to allow a couple strangers into their house for a night.  They shared their dinner and breakfast with us and let us stay indoors on a rainy night.  We really enjoyed getting to know them and, Allison and Karl, if you do end up moving to Colorado, please drop us a line!

It’s a shame we haven’t been able to use Warm Showers before this, but everyone we’ve contacted has been unavailable to host us.  Perhaps we’re not giving people enough advance notice, but we rarely know where we’ll end up each night so it’s hard to plan far ahead.  Oh well, we’ll keep trying to find people to stay with, especially if they’re as nice as Allison and Karl were.

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  1. That is great! I love hearing about the welcoming hospitality within the bike community!

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