Day 27: Hilly times in Connecticut

Mist on the river

Mist on the river

32.39 miles

After an oatmeal breakfast with our Warm Showers hosts, we packed up and hit the road, quickly getting back on the ACA route heading eastward. Humidity was high from the storms the night before (what’s new?), and mist hung over the river as we biked along near Riverton. It was a hilly ride to start, with lots of up and down around the Barkhamsted reservoir. One last up and down brought us into the town of Granby.

A quiet road through the woods.

A quiet road through the woods

Allison had recommended the Granby Village Health Food store as a likely place to find textured vegetable protein, or TVP. I like carrying TVP in my food pannier because it’s lightweight and can be the base for several different vegetarian meals. It’s the dehydrated equivalent of the “veggie crumbles” that can be found in the freezer section of many supermarkets, alongside veggie burgers and other non-meat meats. Add water to rehydrate and then season and cook like ground beef. It’s great for backpacking and bike touring. There was a little juice bar/cafe in the market, so we had lunch there as well and I really enjoyed my grilled cheese and greens sandwich.

Barkhamsted Reservoir

Barkhamsted Reservoir

After Granby, it was pretty smooth riding into the town of Windsor Locks on the Connecticut River. I think the two previous short days of riding made this longer ride much easier. We cruised across the river and spent the night at the Clarion Inn in East Windsor. Big storms are building in the area for the next few days and it started raining just as we got our bikes into the room. We’ll order a pizza for dinner and call it a night.

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