Day 31: New England Trifecta

20.0 Miles

Overnight these fungi sprouted from the leaf litter in our campground at West Thompson Lake. They are called squid stinkhorns. Pretty cool, huh?
Today’s ride included three states;  first Connecticut, then a brief stint in Rhode Island, and finally Massachusetts. In Connecticut, we left the campground and rode back to the town of Thompson to get back on our route. Outside of town, we passed the Thompson Motor Speedway, where a Porsche Club was holding races for the weekend. It was fun to see these little cars speeding around. The guy at the gate let us in to snap a few pictures.


The only thing that gave away the change in state was the road condition and the house numbers, otherwise, no signs indicated that we entered Rhode Island or Massachusetts. We spent the night at Lake Manchaug Campground. We stopped at the office to see what their rates were for camping. Although they normally charge $50 for a site, the owner gave us a bike-in discount and only charged us $30. However, we were low on food for dinner and we thought we might ride over to the store at a neighboring campground to resupply. After she escorted us to our camp site, the owner’s wife promised us some pasta and a jar of sauce for dinner so we wouldn’t have to ride out again. However, she must have forgotten about us, because we didn’t see her again all afternoon and evening, so we had pumpkin soup that I was carrying as part of our “emergency rations”. There were vending machines in the campground, so we treated ourselves to Choco-Tacos before retreating to the tent for more episodes of Orphan Black and Community.


More photos from today:

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  1. Cool photos. .& I so enjoy each of your notes. .. how many states are on your route?

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