Day 32: Another Warm Showers Welcome

Interesting Insect At Camp

Interesting Insect At Camp

20 miles

This morning the nice lady at the campground finally remembered to bring us that pasta and sauce she had offered yesterday. She apologized and said how she had forgotten about it until 3:30 in the morning. It was nice of her to offer in the first place and nice that she followed through. We declined the sauce since we didn’t want to carry the heavy glass jar, but we accepted a box of pasta she gave us. Our breakfast in camp this morning was rather light, so we chose to stop for a 2nd breakfast at The Valley Cafe in Whitinsville, MA. Even with these shorter days in the saddle, we can work up a decent appetite and so we ate every bite of our food.
For some reason, I was hoping Massachusetts would be less hilly than Connecticut. Well, today killed any such hope. We had some short, steep hills as we rode north in the suburbs outside of Boston. Our destination today was another Warm Showers host family. This time it was Matt and Kerry in Westborough, MA who accepted our request to stay one night with them. One last steep hill and we were in their neighborhood.
After arriving at their house we cleaned up and got some laundry going. Then we got to know them and their kids a little bit. Caroline was out in the yard playing soccer with their son, Herbie, when she twisted her ankle a little bit. Ouch! Fortunately it’s not a serious sprain and after icing it a bit she was walking on it with caution. We’ll see tomorrow if it feels good enough for biking. I tried to avoid injuring myself while playing with Herbie and their cute daughter, Laura, in the living room.
They fed us a great dinner of frittata with eggs from their own chickens and salad with greens from their garden. It was delish! After dinner we ate ice cream in the front yard while watching hummingbirds fly around their flowers and feeders. It was a really nice evening. I can understand how people here put up with the occasional muggy, humid day in exchange for nice days like today. And, of course, the humidity means you can grow lots of plants in your garden and almost never worry about watering your lawn. Can you imagine never watering your lawn? As someone from the West, that is truly mind-blowing.

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