Day 38: Rolling up to Sebago Lake, Maine

31.58 miles

Yesterday I picked up a quart of almond milk at the market and was able to stash it in the cooler at Yankeeland’s camp store overnight. We enjoyed cold milk with our cereal again this morning before heading out for Sebago Lake. As we headed west and then north to the lake, the route became increasingly hilly and we were surprised to come upon a very straight section of road ahead of us.

The straightest road we've ridden in weeks.

The straightest road we’ve ridden in weeks.

We stopped for lunch in Standish, at the Standish House of Pizza (SHOP). I love pizza, I think its the perfect food. And really, how can pizza go wrong? Its bread, tomatoes and cheese. For the first time in my memory, the pizza at SHOP went quite wrong for us. We ordered a pesto pizza without thinking much about it. It arrived with an unexpected layer of ham hidden away beneath the cheese—a real problem if you were thinking your pizza would be vegetarian. We muddled through lunch and stopped at the Hannaford market across the intersection to pick up a few more grocery items.

Sebago Lake is a popular camping and boating spot, and traffic was heavy since it was a Friday. The shoulders have been narrow and Maine roads are badly frost-heaved, so I really have to pay attention to the road when I’m riding. Enjoying the scenery is a secondary goal to keeping the rubber side down, so I haven’t taken many pictures since Portsmouth.

Luckily, I made a reservation on-line, and we got the last site at Family and Friends Campground near the lake. Our site was shaded and flat, but was really close to the highway, so there was a lot of traffic noise. There were hot tubs at the pool, so we swam and soaked for part of the afternoon. Then we made dinner and spent some time in the lodge trying to unsuccessfully make use of the wi-fi. We’ll try to get some sleep tonight and head to Freeport and a Warm Showers host tomorrow.

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