Day 39: Not My Best Day

34 miles

Despite the loud neighbors and traffic last night, I managed to fall asleep pretty easily. That’s one nice thing about being tired from biking all day. Unfortunately, the traffic woke us up too early this morning. We had some cold cereal for breakfast and packed our gear as quickly as we could.

We got on the road fairly early, but traffic was already heavier than we had hoped. I guess that’s a problem with biking on a Saturday in a touristy area. And, of course, we had some steep hills to deal with today. I was cursing the folks at the Adventure Cycling Association for apparently seeking out every steep hill they could. Or at least they don’t shy away from any steep hills. Have they forgotten that people are biking fully loaded up these things?

We needed a stop to refuel and we found a couple benches in a small garden behind the library in Gray, Maine. They even had free wifi so we uploaded a few photos (since the campground wifi last night was super slow). After a PB&J sandwich and some Gatorade, I thought I’d feel better equipped for more hills, but I still felt sluggish and tired. I actually felt worse than I have any other day on this trip so far. We had a few more hills on our way into Freeport and I was lagging behind Caroline. I’m glad she’s feeling good today, I just wish I felt the same.

We had arranged to stay with a warm showers host a few miles outside of Freeport, but I felt so lousy that I only wanted to find a nearby hotel room and crash for the rest of the day. After a quick web search we found the cheapest room in town for about $190 a night. At the Super 8 Motel. Hmmm… at those prices, maybe I can push on a few more miles to our host’s house. First we stopped at the LL Bean store in Freeport to buy a couple small things.

Downtown Freeport was a retail madhouse. In addition to LL Bean there were stores from every retail chain you can think of. And the streets were swarming with tourists eager to spend money in these stores. I was beginning to understand why hotel rooms are so expensive around here, especially on a Saturday night. We were eager to get out of the busy downtown area so I called our warm showers host for tonight, Rachel. Wouldn’t you know it, she was working at the same LL Bean store I had just left! She came out front to meet us quick and tell us how to get to her house. She insisted we make ourselves at home, even if her husband wasn’t home.

Pete and Rachel

Pete and Rachel

We pedaled the last few miles to her house and met her husband, Pete, who was home and was very welcoming. We cleaned up and spent the afternoon chatting with Pete, doing laundry and recuperating from the day’s hills. I was actually starting to feel human again.

Rachel got home from work a few hours later and we sat down to a nice dinner (and yummy dessert) thanks to Rachel and Pete. After dinner we talked about our upcoming route to Acadia National Park. Rachel and Pete had some good advice about how to get up there and some sights to see once we got there. Talking with them about Acadia got us even more excited about sightseeing up there. We should get there by the end of this week and we’ll probably spend several days there to make sure we see a lot of the sights. I can’t wait.

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