Day 44: We Reach Mount Desert Island!

Monica and her parents, Janice and Butch

Monica and her parents, Janice and Butch

45.47 miles

Last night Monica had already set out a great spread of food for our breakfast this morning. She had various kinds of cold cereal, oatmeal, fruit, etc all laid out on the kitchen counter so we could take our pick. She’s really made us feel at home and as someone who recently finished a bike tour, she knows that food is one of the biggest parts of our day. To top it off, she gave each of us a few brownies as a snack for on the road. Gotta love Warm Showers hosts!

Roadside BlueberriesThe first part of today was on the wide shoulder of busy Route 1. Eventually we turned onto Route 176, which didn’t have much traffic, but also didn’t have much of a shoulder. We enjoyed the quiet road and stopped for photos of a big field of blueberries. As we got near Surrey, Maine some guy apparently decided he didn’t like sharing the road with bicycles and honked his horn at us as he came up behind us and as he zoomed past. Later in the day a woman passed us a little carelessly near Ellsworth. It seems like people have been a little less patient when passing us the past few days. I don’t know if that is due to our proximity to Acadia National Park with its increased traffic or what.

Lunch stop in Ellsworth

Lunch stop in Ellsworth

We stopped in Ellsworth at a nice little harbor and park for a lunch of peanut butter sandwiches. We were getting a bit tired, but we pressed on so we could reach Mount Desert Island by day’s end. Just before the island we stopped in a tourist information office for some advice. They helped us book a waterfront campsite for the next two nights. It’s not a cheap campsite, in fact it costs about the same as the Schooner Inn near Wiscasset, but it’s on the water!

One last stop for groceries and we make it to the Mount Desert Campground. The campsite is nice and overlooks a small inlet on Somes Sound. The campground has a small dock where kids catch lots of little crabs, typically using hot dogs as bait. It’s fun to watch their antics. Sometimes they dump a bunch of crabs on the rocky beach for a “crab race” to see which is the first crab to make it back to the water. I spent some time myself looking along the shore for crabs and mussels. The water is surprisingly full of life here.

We end the day with some ice cream from the campground store. We’re looking forward to finally spending time in Acadia National Park tomorrow.

Waterfront Campsite View

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  1. Damn cars! Continue to stay safe. Great photos of so many beautiful places.

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