Day 53: Paddling Cranberry Lake

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Tim's morning coffee ritual

The Coffee Alchemist

At 6 am this morning, a loud, wailing siren woke us all up in our tents. We went back to sleep, but it went off again around 8. It sounded like a tornado siren, but the morning was clear and and sunny, so I only hoped that the siren blast is not some daily Cranberry Lake occurrence. After Amy and Tim got up, I made scrambled eggs for egg sandwiches on English muffins. I’m looking forward to a few days of more varied meals:  that’s the beauty of car camping and traveling with people who have a cooler packed with ice.

Renting kayaks

Kayak Rental

Even though we’re camped at Cranberry Lake campground, we can’t see much of the lake from our campsite, nor is it very easy to access the lake front. After breakfast, we decided to rent kayaks and have a paddle around the lake. The first place we stopped at didn’t have two double kayaks available, so we went into town and rented at the Marina. We started out with me in the front of the boat and Alan in the back. Paddling with Alan was a little challenging—there’s a reason we’re not on a tandem bike for this trip, we both like to be in charge 🙂 . We were going to paddle out to a place called Joe Indian Island, but it was farther than we thought, and our arms got tired quickly. Instead, we turned back and stopped at the beach at our campground. We pulled the boats up on the beach and had a snack and rested.

More photos from paddling today:

After we paddled back to the marina, Amy needed gas for the car, so we drove through the small town of Cranberry Lake to find a market. Since it was late afternoon, it was a good time for ice cream. We each had small cones and enjoyed them out in the parking lot of the market. We also learned that the sirens this morning were calls for the volunteer fire department. At least there is no tornado danger! Back in camp, Alan and I went to get showers, and Amy and Tim went off for a short hike.

When Amy and Tim got back from their hike we made burritos with chipotle rice and veggie crumbles for dinner. At the market, we bought long bamboo campfire sticks to roast marshmallows. So, after discussion over smores around the fire, we decided to move our camp over near Lake Placid in the morning to get closer to the high peaks of the Adirondacks for the rest of Adventure Week 2014.


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