Day 54: Hop over to Lake Placid

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Revisiting Tupper Lake

Revisiting Tupper Lake

We broke camp this morning after breakfast of yogurt, granola and blueberries, thanks again to Amy feeding us. We heaped all of the gear we had between Alan, myself, Amy and Tim in a big pile on the ground next to the Highlander. Then Alan and Tim started playing Tetris to get all that stuff in the car and still leave room for the four of us. They were successful and we all piled into the car and drove east, back through Tupper Lake to Lake Placid.

We stopped in town and had pizza lunch at Mr. Mike’s again (the same place Alan and I waited out the rain three days ago). Over lunch, we decided to have a go at hiking Mt. Marcy (the highpoint of New York) tomorrow. I knew my bike shoes weren’t going to work for the 15+ mile hike, so I went shopping for some lightweight hikers. I finally found some trail runners on sale at Eastern Mountain Sports. I sure hope they are comfortable for a long hike. Alan wasn’t interested in doing the highpoint, so he planned to find some other way to occupy himself while we hike.

After lunch we drove to Wilmington Notch State Park. It was busy, but we found a camping spot that we hoped to keep for two nights. Unfortunately, once the caretaker returned to handle our registration, we discovered there were no sites available for two consecutive nights. Now we’re faced with getting up early and moving again tomorrow on the same day we want to do Mt. Marcy tomorrow. It looks like the best day this week, weather-wise, to do the high point, is tomorrow, so Alan is going to find us a new spot to camp while we hike.

Before dinner, we walked down into the river gorge below the campground. We found a spectacular waterfall and hiked a bit along the river. I even saw some fish jumping up the falls. I don’t know how they could ever make it up to the top of the falls with so much water coming down.

Tim and Caroline peeking over

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