Day 56: Recovering from Mt. Marcy

3 miles

Around 4:00 this morning the wind started blowing hard, and it hasn’t let up all day long. I woke up sore from yesterday’s hike, but not as bad off as I thought I would be. Alan is happily limber and feeling great since he spent yesterday in camp, but Tim, Amy and I are definitely hurting from our 15 mile hike. We had eggs for breakfast and then Alan, Amy and I set out to try to find a little mountain biking while Tim nursed a headache. Despite being sore, biking seemed like a reasonable activity for the morning. Unfortunately, both trails we tried were a little too rocky and rooty for our unloaded Ogres. Hard-tail 29-ers just proved a little too unwieldy for the trails we found, although we did pedal to Lake Placid.

Trail riding near Lake Placid

Trail riding near Lake Placid

Back in camp, Tim was feeling a bit better, so the boys started a fire while Amy and I went for a photo walk around Heart Lake over by the Adirondack Loj. And no, I’m not spelling Loj wrong, that’s what they call it, the Loj, as its founder was phond of phun phonetic spelling. We wanted to walk all the way around the lake, but it was getting dark and we were feeling sore, so we retreated to camp after spotting a Cedar Waxwing and a Common Loon at the lake. Cedar Waxwings are cool yellow-ish birds, with a striking black mask on their faces, they look like funny little robbers. Neither bird really wanted to pose for a portrait, though, so I’ve got none to show. We made a late dinner of pasta with sauce and garlic bread and then called it a night.

More photos our photo walk:

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