Day 59: First Real Miles in a Week!

33.7 miles

Erie CanalI was up late last night trying to fix some photos on our website. This morning we slept in a bit before we filled up at the free motel breakfast. Then we spent more time in our room working on our blog. We stayed there until almost 11 AM. That was partly so we could maximize our time using the free wi-fi, but also because it was drizzly outside.

When we did finally hit the road it was starting to clear up. We were about a mile down the road when Caroline heard a noise coming from her bike. We stopped and realized it was air leaking out of her rear tire. When I got the tire off and inspected it, I found a large piece of glass about a quarter inch around embedded in her tire. Dang it! I knew these tires weren’t as bomb-proof as the tires I rode on my trip to Alaska (on which I had no flats), but I hoped they’d hold up against pieces of glass. I patched the tube and put a tire boot inside the tire since the hole was large enough to possibly allow the tube to pop out through the tire.

I was pretty sure the patch would hold, but to be safe we headed to the nearest bike shop. I wanted to see if they had a tire I could buy as a spare in case the tire started to leak. They didn’t have any tires worth buying so we got back on the road.  Along the way we stopped at a Pizza Hut for a warm lunch since it was a chilly day. We also checked another bike shop, but they too didn’t have an ideal tire for us. I was also checking online for possible tires, but it would have cost quite a bit for expedited shipping. I pondered our options for a spare tire while we biked on.

Erie CanalWe crossed over the Erie Canal today.  We’ll see more of it soon, but for now we’re heading northwest towards Lake Ontario. After about 18 miles we got back on the ACA Northern Tier Route in Fulton, NY. We could have camped there, but we had more camping options closer to Lake Ontario, so we decided to push on further to get in some more miles. Eventually we reached the town of Sterling, NY and the Sutter Creek Campground. The folks there were really nice and we set up our tent in a lovely, grassy tent camping area along the creek. I especially liked the weeping willows that were around our campsite.

After our usual showers and dinner, we retired to our tent to get some sleep. Before bed I did a little more online shopping for spare tires on my phone. I’m torn between having a spare tire delivered to Rochester (where we’ll visit friends of Caroline) and just hoping today’s tire patch will hold up for a while. I guess we’ll see if her tire keeps holding air tomorrow.

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  1. We took Aunt Jeanette to lunch today & she told us about grandma geremia loving a weeping willow in her back yard. .. cool. .i love them. ..

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