Day 60: Along Lake Ontario

35 miles
Yummy breakfastWe got a late start again today, but it was worth it since breakfast was yummy egg burritos. We even had taco sauce, avocado and cheddar cheese leftover from dinner last night. Very tasty! After a while we stopped for our 2nd breakfast of pop tarts. They were also tasty in their own way. While we were stopped we heard a noise and across the road we saw an old guy pulling a homemade kiddie train behind his four-wheeler. He only had a couple kids riding in the train, but it was really amusing to watch them go in circles in his yard.

Kiddie train

Apple orchard

Apple Orchard

Today’s route had some rolling hills, including a couple leg-burners outside of Sodus Point, NY. We also rode through many, many apple orchards today. We stopped for lunch with a view of Sodus Bay of Lake Ontario. We weren’t far past Sodus Point when we noticed some people sitting down on the other side of the road ahead. It was some bike tourists, but they had a large trailer and two dogs. We stopped to say hi and met Paul and Lezlee who are travelling towards Maine. They originally planned to pull the dogs in trailers, but the dogs were huskies and so they preferred to run along rather than sit and ride. So now they had just one trailer, to pull their musical instruments! Yup, they’re musicians trying to find gigs to play along the way. We chatted with them for a little while and then wished them luck and headed on our way.

House on Lake Ontario

House on Lake Ontario

We were a bit conflicted today about how far we wanted to ride. We hoped to get in a long day so we could do a short day tomorrow into Rochester to meet Caroline’s friends. But the weather wasn’t cooperating. Rain was threatening and so we had to stop at a closer campground than we had hoped. That might have been very lucky for us though. The Hughes Marina Campground was right on the shore of Lake Ontario and they even had a small covered patio type thing they let us camp under. It was starting to rain already as we set up our tent and cooked dinner. Before long the rain was really coming down. So hard that we pulled out our umbrella for the first time on this trip to walk up to the bathroom.

We had power under the patio so we plugged in our electronics to charge up overnight and also did a little sorting through photos. Meanwhile the rain continued to come down hard. After we went to bed the rain kept pounding. It was amazing how hard it kept raining and for how long. Thank goodness we’re under a roof so we don’t have a wet tent tomorrow morning. We’re going to be in a hurry to reach Rochester, so a dry tent in the morning will help speed us along.

Oh, and I decided not to buy a spare tire yet. Caroline’s tire is holding air so we’ll wait to buy a spare tire for now. On my Alaska trip I bought a spare tire at about 1000 miles into my 3300 mile journey and never ended up needing that spare. I’ll tempt fate and see how long we can go on these tires. If they start to get worn down or we start getting more flats I’ll consider buying a spare tire (or two).

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