Night 66: Later That Evening…

5 hours sleep, 1 arrest

Like most campgrounds, this place has “quiet hours” starting at 11 PM (10 PM on weekdays). But at 11:45 PM there were still a couple of tent camping groups playing their music quite loudly. It’s like they were competing to be most annoying. One group playing crappy rap and the other playing “classic” rock. I finally had enough and yelled politely (as politely as is possible while yelling at full volume) “COULD YOU TURN DOWN THE MUSIC, PLEASE!?!” One group actually DID turn down their music. The other group turned their music off, but only after several minutes.

Approaching 1 AM and the rap music had switched to dance club beats and the music and voices were louder than ever. I don’t know how their toddlers slept through it. Yep, these heavy drinking partiers were parents. I walked over and asked them in person to turn down the music.  That worked for a second, but back in our tent I could hear them talking (in slurred voices) about how “that guy doesn’t work here” and “who is he to tell us to turn the music down?” and so the volume went back up.

I tried to wake someone at the campground office, but their buzzer didn’t seem to work, or the people there slept through it. I didn’t have local phone service to call the campground or police, but then I remembered that any cell phone should dial through to 911, even if you don’t have a local phone plan. Sure enough, I got a 911 operator. I explained it wasn’t an emergency and apologized for using the emergency line due to not having a Canadian phone plan. Thankfully they did take my noise complaint.

A short while later, a car came down the road. It’s the police and they stopped at the noisy campsite, which is conveniently next to the fence adjacent to the road. But just at this point, the drunkards realize that somebody’s girlfriend has wandered off into the night, apparently upset about something he did. So the music is turned off, but the noise continues as the remaining few drunks try to enlist the cops to search for their missing friend. I still don’t know if these fools even realize the cops showed up only because of my noise complaint.

Anyway, the police leave and a couple loud campers wander off looking for their friend (leaving one behind to watch the kids). It actually becomes nice and quiet for a change. Not for long though. The people returned shortly, not having found the missing girl. We were about 100 feet away, but we could clearly make out their loud voices discussing why she wandered off and what to do about it.  And, of course, we could hear every time they opened the cooler and cracked open another can of beer. Several minutes later, the police return with the missing girl. Apparently they found her walking up the road.

Now here’s where things get even more batshit crazy. Apparently one of the drunk guys mouthed off to the cops and in no time we can hear him being arrested and put in the back of one of the cop cars!  This, of course, causes his drunk girlfriend to yell a lot and I’m sure the entire campground is awake at this point. Meanwhile, we’re in our tent looking over through the dark trying to see what’s happening, laughing to ourselves at this crazy turn of events. The cops leave soon after and we can hear the remaining people talking quietly for a while, but at least the dang music has stopped and we’re finally able to fall asleep.

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7 thoughts on “Night 66: Later That Evening…

  1. And here I was thinking it was you two playing your crap rap too loud into the wee hours of the morning. 🙂

    • Wow, Jazzy Jeff reads our blog?!? Say ‘hi’ to the Fresh Prince for us!

  2. Holy cows! What a night. .. hope it’s not repeated. .. and they’re parents. .. scary

  3. When I read ‘5 hours sleep, 1 arrest’ I pictured one of the two of you being taken to some Canadian Gulag, being forced to drink Molsen Ice and listen to Barenaked Ladies. //shudder// Your night was much better.

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