Day 67: Lake Erie Biking

44 mi

After the late night we had last night, it’s no surprise I woke up with a headache.  We couldn’t wait to put this place behind us, so we quickly packed up and ate our usual oatmeal breakfast.  It was easy riding along the Friendship Rail Trail to today’s first town: Port Colburne, Ontario.  We had several errands to run while in town.  First, we needed some Canadian cash.  Thankfully the guy at the campground last night was willing to take our American money.  Which is about the only positive thing I can say about that place.  After stopping at an ATM we had second breakfast at a small cafe.

Waterfront riding along Lake Erie

Waterfront riding along Lake Erie

Our next stop was at a local bike shop.  We have over two thousand miles on these bikes when you count the miles before our trip began and we could use new chains.  Thankfully the local bike shop was well stocked and we chatted with the guys there about bike touring and about our trip while we bought two new chains.  I probably should have had them installed there and had the bikes looked over, but I was eager to get back on the road for the afternoon.  The bikes are doing pretty well though.

The next errand in Port Colburne was to try and find a Canadian SIM card for my phone with a one month plan.  Turns out the local 7-11 sold just what I was looking for.  It cost about $60, but it’s worth it to make sure we’ll have phone service and mobile internet access for the rest of our time in Canada.  It makes it much more difficult to find camping or grocery stores when we don’t have internet access on our phones.  Unfortunately, it took longer than expected to get the phone card activated before we could get back on the road.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and consisted of riding along Lake Erie or through farmland.  We stopped for groceries in the next town and while Caroline was in the store I tried out my new Canadian phone plan by calling my dad to wish him a happy birthday.  Surprisingly, the call actually went through.  I’m glad I got to talk to my dad on his birthday and it’s nice to know we can call the states if need be.  We had some slight headwinds in the afternoon and we took turns drafting off each other to help speed us along.

Our campground tonight is the large Knight’s Beach Campground.  It’s large enough to have their own lunch counter.  They sold ice cream too so we stopped for a cone even before showering or setting up camp.  Some days you just can’t wait for ice cream. 🙂  We also learned that this campground closes in a week.  I hope we don’t have too much trouble finding open campgrounds after Labor Day.  While at camp I cleaned up the drivetrains on our bikes and installed the new chains.

Waterfowl on Lake Erie

Waterfowl on Lake Erie

Now, I realize this day isn’t too exciting, but that’s actually fairly normal for us.  We ride our bikes, buy groceries, eat, sleep and enjoy the scenery.  Sometimes while biking it can be a little boring, so I try to come up with ways to entertain myself (and Caroline).  That usually consists of singing songs with lyrics I make up on the spot.  Today one of my comic routines started when I saw a realty sign along Lake Erie advertising some land with the phrase “Water Opportunity!”  In my head I read that as “what a opportunity” with kind of a New York accent.  That got me started on this whole schtick where I acted like Christopher Walken saying words that start with “water”.  For example, Christopher Walken eats a very, very good melon and says “What a melon!”  Ok, I guess you had to be there, but it had me cracking myself up for a while today.  Caroline was laughing too.  Perhaps she was laughing more at me than with me, but as long as she was entertained, I’m ok with that.

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