Day 69: Best Lunch So Far

34.65 miles


Roadside “Art”?

I’m afraid Caroline says she didn’t sleep well last night. She says she hasn’t been sleeping well in the tent lately. I hope it’s just a temporary thing. Most mornings I’m usually awake before she is and I’ll just lay there thinking or trying to fall back asleep or doing something on my phone. I like to let her sleep in or at least lay around a bit until she’s ready to get up. You see, once I’m awake I’m usually ready to go and wide awake. Caroline takes a little more time to transition from sleep to being awake, so I try to give her that time for the sake of marital harmony. We don’t have many options for breakfast these days other than oatmeal and oatmeal is definitely not Caroline’s favorite breakfast food. Hopefully we’ll find a campground soon with cold milk for sale so we can have granola or cereal in the morning.

Lake Erie, Long PointSince we got on the road kind of late, it was already fairly warm out. About ten miles down the road we stopped in Port Rowan, Ontario for lunch. It was a small, quiet and safe feeling town, so we left our bikes unlocked out front while we went into the grocery store to look around. Quite different from that day in Buffalo. We got some fruit, bread, cheese, and chocolate and ate a picnic lunch on the grass of the church across from the grocery store. Caroline declared it the best lunch of our trip so far. High praise indeed! After lunch I went into the discount store next door for a new pair of flip flops (the pair I bought in Pennsylvania was already threatening to fall apart) and a washcloth to use as a grease rag for our bike chains.

Lemonade vendors

Lemonade vendors

The rest of the day was pretty nice with not much traffic, but not much in the way of services either. We rode through a lot of farmland and not much else. Eventually we arrived in Port Burwell, where we planned to camp for the night. Coming into town we saw a couple girls selling lemonade in their front yard so we stopped for a glass each. It was a little tart, but we felt good supporting a local small business. Next we stopped at a store and bought… nothing. They had so little to interest us we just decided to make do with what we already had in our panniers. In other words, they were a sadly understocked little food market. The campground is nothing special, but the next option would require another 24 miles of biking and neither of us felt up to that today. We did the usual routine of showers, tent setup, dinner, cleanup and then retired to the tent.

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