Day 73: Back in the USA!

31.03 miles


Coming to America!

Today was another one of those days where we started out thinking we would have a short day and then discovered we’re going to have more miles than we thought to find a place to stay. Even so, the roads in Ontario and Michigan have been flat and straight and a real pleasure to ride. It was about 12 miles from our campground to the ferry crossing from Sombra to Marine City, Michigan. We arrived in Sombra and spent the last of our Canadian dollars before boarding the ferry. Apparently the ferry is the only place on the border where the exchange rate is $1 CA for $1 US. The car ferry crosses the St. Clair River pretty quickly, so there was hardly any time for pictures before we had to get off again and go through customs.

Quick geography lesson:  The St. Clair River drains Lake Huron into Lake St. Clair which is drained by the Detroit River into Lake Erie. It forms the border between the thumb of Michigan and Ontario, Canada and is a major shipping channel, connecting the Great Lakes. We saw a couple of big freighters on the river as we rode. The river is a stunning blue color and many places along the river reference the ‘Blue Water’ in their names.


The blue water of the St. Clair River


Freighter on the St. Clair River

We were really hoping to get a hotel room in Marine City for two nights and take a rest day, but the few hotels around were all booked up. We ended up finding the Super8, upriver in Marysville, had rooms, and so we did another 19 miles to get here. We’ll relax here for the evening and figure out our strategy for the next day or two.

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