Day 74: So you came to Yale, Michigan?

27.5 miles


Doing Research

Before we hit the road this morning, we carried out a little research requested by one of our loyal readers (Hi, Jess!). There was a Tim Hortons across the road from our hotel, so we went over to investigate the famed Honey Cruller. I wish I had more pictures of the object of our inquiry, but I wolfed it down too quickly. I’ll admit, it’s a pretty good donut, light and airy as a cruller should be, with a sweet glaze, but I’m not inclined to wax too poetic about it. Then again, my favorite donut is powdered and filled with vanilla cream, so what do I know? And now that Burger King is about to ruin Tim Horton’s (according to Canadians) who can say how the Honey Cruller will fare.

We hit the road this morning with a bit of uncertainty about accommodations for tonight.  Our route is taking us across Michigan—right now we’re on our way across the thumb of the mitten if you look at a map. There isn’t a whole lot out here, except small towns between wide expanses of corn and soybeans. In addition, with it being a holiday weekend, hotels have been difficult to book. On top of that, we’re in need of a rest day—today was our ninth consecutive day on the road. That’s a lot of days for us and we’ve been putting in the miles, so we are ready for that rest day. It’s just a question of where is the best place to take it. Camping and hotels are few and far between on the next 70 miles, so we thought wild camping might be have to be a possibility for the evening. Fortunately, when we got to the town of Yale, we found the Yale Hotel had rooms available for $50, so we checked in. The Yale Hotel is a grand old three story building, probably build in the 1890s. It’s definitely seen some ups and downs, but the new manager looks to be trying to renovate it and make it a nice place to stay again.


Nicer on the outside than the inside

After getting settled in our room, we walked up Main Street to the A&W Food Stand for a late lunch. Alan asked the girl at the counter about a menu item called a Boston Cooler, which she told us was made with Vernors and ice cream. Then we had to ask her about Vernors, which turns out to be ginger ale. So we told her that we weren’t from around here and mentioned our bike trip and her first response was to blurt out “so you came to Yale, Michigan?” We all had a good laugh about that. That’s the beauty of bicycle touring: there are a lot of small out-of-the-way towns on our route that we would never see otherwise.

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    • It was surprisingly light and airy. Not bad, but not the best donut I’ve had.

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