Day 75: From Yale to Vassar

56.61 Miles

The Yale Hotel was not my favorite place to stay.  It has potential and could be a nice place, but it needs some work.  It would also be nice if the place didn’t reek of cigarettes and pot smoke.  I was woken up at 3:15 AM by people talking in the hall (our room was missing the transom window, so noise came right in) and couldn’t fall back asleep for a while.  So this morning I couldn’t wait to leave.  We had considered staying here two nights so we could have a rest day, but this town is definitely not worth staying in for two nights.  Caroline bought some muffins from the grocery store next door and we ate them in our room before leaving town.

We got an early start and rode north for several miles before turning west.  Most of today was spent heading west, which came with a slight headwind.  We passed through several small towns with populations around 1,000 people.  Each one has a slightly different feel to it.  Some look nice and others look past their prime.  We also passed by many fields of corn and soybeans.  I’m beginning to wonder if they grow anything else at all around here.  After all the miles of flat farmland in Ontario and now Michigan, I’m really eager for a change of scenery.

Today was a pretty warm day so at one point we stopped under a shade tree in the front yard of a small farm so we could cool down.  We then reached Otter Lake, Michigan and sat in the shade near the swim beach to decide how much further to ride.  We could have camped there, but we wanted to put in more miles in order to get closer to Bay City.  We’re hoping to take a rest day in Bay City since it’s a small city and would have more things to do.  We might even be able to find a Warm Showers host there.  After sharing a quart of chocolate milk and some chocolate donuts (my favorite bike touring snack combo) we got back on our bikes.

Zooming along rail trail

Zooming along rail trail

After Otter Lake we had the pleasure of riding on several miles of rail trail.  It was slightly downhill which made it a nice section to bike.  After that we rode the shoulder of a county road into Vassar, Michigan.  Yup, last night was Yale, tonight it’s Vassar.  Unfortunately, the only lodging in town is the Vassar Inn Motel.  It turned out to be a real dump.  It just might be the most run-down motel we’ve stayed in on this trip.  The Peach Bottom Inn from day 2 was the previous motel to hold that distinction.  On the plus side, it’s only $50.  We made the best of it by buying a pizza and working on blog posts before calling it a night.

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