Day 82: Off Route

31.66 miles

DSC02356Today is our first full day in Wisconsin navigating on our own, without the help of the ACA maps. The Northern Tier route veers northward from Manitowoc and loops westward towards Minneapolis. Given our goal of reaching Mt. Rushmore before it gets too cold, Alan and I decided that a more direct route through southern Wisconsin and Minnesota and into South Dakota made better sense. Our destination today was the Plymouth Rock RV resort near Plymouth, WI.

We left the hotel around 10 and used Google Maps to navigate to the campground; this worked pretty well for us. The roads were nice and quiet and the shoulders weren’t too bad. Wisconsin is definitely hillier than Michigan, and it slowed us down a bit. One thing we have to plan for when navigating ourselves through big mid-western states is to include small towns for food, water and bathroom breaks. The roads out here can go on forever between farms and not hit a town for 30 miles.

The campground is a big one, but it isn’t too crowded, since it’s a Sunday late in the season. Two of their three pools are still open, so we soaked in the hot tub at the pool. We’ll make dinner and sleep in the tent with the fly off since there is no rain in the forecast.

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  1. From the photo you posted, you’ve already seen a prettier side of Wisconsin than I’ve ever seen and my wife is from there! Ridiculous!!

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