Day 85: A Short Day

21.35 miles

I woke very early this morning to hear the rain start drumming on the roof of the pavilion. It’s a nice sound to listen to, especially when you know your tent is staying nice and dry. It finally let up around 10 o’clock, so we decided to break camp and get moving. After about 10 miles of riding, we stopped in Pardeeville for a snack. Alan and I split a quart of chocolate milk and a pack of donuts. As we sat in the Kwik Trip mart, it started to rain a little. We put on our rain gear, but it never really rained too hard. Our plan for today was to bike to a campground near Wisconsin Dells, but we battled a head wind all day, it seemed. So, 20 miles into our ride, we decided that we’d had enough of the wind and drizzly rain and we found a hotel in the town of Portage. Much laziness ensued.

Steep hill to start the day

Steep hill to start the day

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  1. I’m way behind in my reading – since I’m busy with a church project – and I do miss reading them – so informative and enjoyable – feels like I’m in a bike pack riding along…

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