Day 92: Biking the Root River

32.3 miles


Early morning on the Root River

In the river valley, heavy fog had settled overnight, so we woke to cottony clouds drifting on the edges of town. After the fog lifted and we packed up, we started on the Root River Trail from Houston to Lanesboro. Although the Root River twists and winds its way eastward across Minnesota, ultimately draining into the Mississippi, we rode upstream, and westward. The trail follows the river closely through what is called Bluff Country, and links a handful of small towns, nicely spaced for cyclists to find water, snacks and rest.


Mid-ride snack

Our first stop after Houston was in the town of Rushford, at a bakery called The Norseland Lefse. They may have sold wonderful Norwegian pastries, but we went straight for the donuts and chocolate milk. And they were mighty good donuts at that. Rushford has a small historical museum that has buildings from the town’s early days. A school, a tiny church and the jail, all moved to the museum grounds right next to the bike trail.

Along the trail, we met a guy on a recumbent and chatted with him a while about touring. We arrived in Lanesboro and stopped at the little market to pick up some pesto and goat cheese to make into pasta sauce for dinner. We found a camp site at the city park and set up next to a picnic pavilion for the night. We thought we might stay with a warm showers host for the night, but after checking in with him, we thought it was too far off our route to make it worth it. It turned out that he was at the park in Lanesboro for the evening, so Pete stopped by and introduced himself. It was nice to chat with him and swap touring stories.

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