Day 93: Out of the Driftless

31.7 miles

We set out this morning with plans to stay with a Warm Showers host in Spring Valley, MN, a little over thirty miles away. We did our final climbing out of Bluff Country, leaving the Driftless Area behind and returning to the rolling farmland of the upper midwest. Gravel roads, corn and soy, corn and soy, and more corn and soy. The Root River Trail ended in the little town of Preston, so we stopped for lunch in town. I got a slice of peanut butter chocolate silk pie with my sandwich that might just be the best thing I’ve had on this whole trip (after the Whoopie Pies of central Pennsylvania and coastal Maine). Seriously. It was made of chocolate peanut butter fairy dust and I swear angels made the crust.

Our host in Spring Valley messaged Alan during the day, telling us that he had a dome. We didn’t really know what that meant, but were game to give it a try. However, when we arrived, it was a little too rustic for my liking, so we looked for a hotel. Instead, we found a room at the Spring Valley Inn and Suites where we could shower and do laundry. The other Warm Showers host in town, Andrew, couldn’t host us (he’s renovating his house), but wanted to meet up with us for dinner. Andrew has done a few long self-supported bike tours and we enjoyed trading stories over veggie pizza in town before turning in for the night.

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