Day 103: Boise to Missoula


Gary, Helen with Boris, Caroline and Alan

After breakfast and a last photo with Gary and Helen, we headed out of Boise for Missoula, MT this morning. We planned to do a long drive to get us all the way to Missoula in one day. The weather promised to be cloudy, so we were worried that we might not get to see some of the Sawtooth Mountain scenery that everyone was raving about. Even with the clouds, though, we saw plenty of beautiful Idaho scenery. Along the way we ran into a VW Thing Club out for a tour and saw some hot springs right on the side of the road. But mostly we had beautiful views of the mountains along the Payette and Bitterroot Rivers until it got dark. At times the road followed the edge of a gorge, high above the river, and at others we drove through broad valleys, looking up at misty peaks. Our drive today was truly one of the more scenic day trips I’ve ever taken.

More photos from today:

Tomorrow we’ll stop in at the ACA headquarters to pick up maps for our Pacific Coast tour and head on up to Glacier National Park.

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2 thoughts on “Day 103: Boise to Missoula

  1. I hope you A) bought the map on the Idaho hot springs (!!), and B) renewed your membership! (just got a notice in the snail mail for it)

    • Oh! A) we didn’t buy the hotsprings map because we didn’t want to carry it, but I asked, and its back in print and B) we didn’t renew but I will now!
      Judging from our spotting of hot springs on the side of the highway in Idaho, that route has gotta be hella fun!

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