Days 135 & 136: A Quiet Halloween

28.04 miles

Our motel in Garberville didn’t have breakfast, but it did have a small fridge.  That allowed us to have yogurt and granola along with cold orange juice for breakfast.  I flipped on the TV while we ate and we both got caught up watching an entertaining James Brown biography on HBO.  I’ll have to download the whole thing sometime so we can finish watching it.  The town didn’t have as many transient kids around this morning, but as we pulled onto highway 101 there were a couple kids trying to hitch a ride at the on-ramp.  This has become quite commonplace along the freeway on-ramps the past couple days.

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Day 134: Avenue of the Giants

43.1 miles

Stafford RV Park morning

Morning in the campground

There was rain overnight and we woke up to a misty morning in our tent under the tent. We bought yogurt last night at the market in Scotia before getting to the campground, so we enjoyed yogurt and granola for breakfast this morning. Being dry made for easy work breaking camp and we hit the road around 10am.

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Day 133: Eureka! Pie! Hobbits!

42.14 miles

Ingomar Club in Eureka

Ingomar Club in Eureka

Eureka is probably the largest city we’ve been in since leaving Seattle.  It took several miles of riding and a variety of back roads to follow the Adventure Cycling Association map out of the city.  It would have been easier to just ride on highway 101 through town, but it was very busy and didn’t have much shoulder.  Times like that I’m glad for the ACA maps to guide us a different way.  Once we got out of town we had to get back on the 101 because that’s about the only road heading south.

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Day 132: Still Riding

26.6 miles

Alan spent time last night and this morning researching a strategy for us to get off the bikes for a while. I spent last night and this morning deeply reflecting on what I wanted to be doing, period. And after breakfast this morning, as we packed up, I told Alan that despite my protestations yesterday, I thought we should get on the bikes and keep going.

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Days 130 & 131: Out of Power, Out of Patience

40.04 miles

Caroline and the emus

Caroline and the emus

Yesterday morning as we woke up we realized the power was out at our motel.  I guess the high winds overnight had caused some problems.  The woman running the motel knocked to let us know breakfast would be available as usual, but with no coffee.  No problem for us since we’re not coffee drinkers.  Breakfast was actually a nice spread and the power came back on before we finished eating.  We decided we’d stay another night since it looked like it was going to rain and blow most of the day.  We were lazy all day watching TV, playing Minecaft (me), and reading (Caroline).  Unfortunately, the power went out again in the afternoon.  We went for a walk down the road and found a couple rain-soaked emus.  The convenience store next to the motel had power from a generator so we were able to buy some food and cooked mac & cheese on our backpacking stove.  No power is no problem for us.  We finished the day by watching some TV shows on my laptop and went to bed early.

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Days 128 & 129: Rain & Sunshine

20.66 miles

Crescent City beach as we leave town

Crescent City beach as we leave town

Yesterday morning we woke up to a light rain.  The forecast was for occasional rain through the day as well.  Having already spent two nights here, we were eager to hit the road.  We were both looking forward to seeing the groves of redwood trees south of here, but we didn’t want to do so when it was raining.  Eventually we decided to stay here another night rather than ride in the rain.  We took advantage of our additional day in Crescent City to do some grocery shopping.  I also took advantage of the motel internet to catch up on some funny Minecraft videos on YouTube I used to watch before our trip.  We made dinner in our motel room to save a little money and watched a movie on TV before turning in.

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Day 127: Waiting for Rain

0 miles

We took a day off in Crescent City, expecting to have day of rain. Also, I scheduled a phone interview with a college in Colorado, and wanted to be in a quiet place to take the call. So it was a pretty lazy day. I spent the morning prepping for the interview, and we went for a walk before I took the call. It was quite windy out and some rain drops were whipping around, but no serious rain started falling until late this afternoon. Even though we had to stop today for my interview, its nice to feel justified staying inside all day because of terrible weather. I reminded myself that I wouldn’t want to be riding in the wind, either, and felt much better about the day off.

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Day 126: California Dreamin’

32.6 miles


Coastal Elk Herd

This morning we woke up to a steady rain, but it stopped by the time we had breakfast and packed up our bikes. The ride from Brookings to Crescent City, California was pretty uneventful, and there wasn’t too much to see. I raced Alan to the state line and beat him to California, but other than a herd of elk, we didn’t see too much.

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Day 125: Eating up the miles

3.5 mi

We left the Table Rock Motel early this morning and caught a ride on the Curry Public Transit bus going south to Brookings. For $15 a piece, we loaded our bikes and gear in the back of the bus and traveled about 75 miles in the span of two hours; so, our mileage today doesn’t reflect the big jump we made by bus from Bandon to Brookings. There were nice views from the bus, cranberry bogs and sea stacks, but it also poured rain more than once this morning. So, I wasn’t that sorry to not be biking; we easily avoided two or three days of biking in very rainy weather. There were also a few interesting characters on the bus with us. One lady was on her way to a court appearance (she announced this) with glitter all over her face. I hope it helps her case! We also talked with a young guy who was hiking/hitchhiking/public transiting down the coast to San Francisco. He had a heavy pack with him and was a bit dirty, but he seemed pretty normal. We arrived in town at 10:45 and first stopped for lunch. We thought we might ride on to Crescent City, California today, but the weather forecast is looking more grim, so we’ll do one night here in Brookings and then do two nights in Crescent City, to wait out the rain. We enjoyed a swim in the heated indoor pool and then I walked over to the local Fred Meyer to pick up some groceries to cook dinner in our room. We’ll catch up on some Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey and then call it a night.

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Day 124: A Windy Devil of a Day

33.78 miles

Wouldn’t you know it, we had another drizzly morning with headwinds.  Biking south down the Pacific coast in the summer is supposed to be nice, partly due to the prevailing north winds that blow at your back all the time.  Well, it’s safe to say the winds have shifted as they are consistently out of the south now.  I don’t know if southerly winds are the norm this time of year, but it sure is annoying.  Oh well, at least the scenery is quite nice most days.

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Day 123: Traffic Stress

49.09 miles

It was drizzly this morning as we left Florence and it didn’t help when a car honked at us as he passed us on the narrow bridge out of town.  As if the few seconds he was delayed in getting around us ruined his entire day.  Poor fellow.  On the subject of cars passing us and road shoulders, I’d say that road shoulder widths can be classified as follows: too narrow (or nonexistent), just adequate, and comfortable.  The shoulder on the bridge was nonexistent which forced cars to wait until it was clear before passing us.  More on shoulders below.

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Day 122: Rain on the Road

15.41 miles

I was a little surprised that it hadn’t rained overnight when I crawled out of our tent this morning. The constant dropping of pine needles sounded like rain drops in the pre-dawn hours—I was sure it was raining, but everything was dry which makes it quicker to put away the tent. While I made pancakes for breakfast, we said so-long to our fellow biker, Gill. He was getting an early start to try to make it to a campground farther south, to hunker down for the night before the forecasted rain arrived. We broke camp and dressed for rain since we were expecting to get drizzled on before the day was over.

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