Days 106 & 107: North Cascades Beauty

Boy, was it chilly this morning in our little cabin.  The cabin consisted of little more than a double bed and a small loft above the porch with a twin mattress.  They’ve also squeezed in a small fridge, microwave and an electric heater.  We turned the heater on this morning to warm things up while we made breakfast and packed up the van.  We were hoping to reach the Seattle area tonight, but I was mainly looking forward to the North Cascades.  I’ve seen photos online and it looks beautiful there.

The first part of today’s drive is nothing special and so I spent time reading in the car while Caroline drove.  I think we’re both getting tired of so much time in the car.  We’ll have driven over 3000 miles by the time we reach Seattle.  It will be nice to get back on the bike and take a slower pace again.  Finally we reached the area near North Cascades National Park and the scenery was stunning from the start.  We stopped at an overlook near Washington Pass and marveled at the surrounding peaks.  We kept driving west and I thought maybe we’d seen all of the North Cascades, but to my surprise the mountains continued on for quite a while.  It was a bit cloudy today, which blocked some views, but the mountains and lakes were still very scenic.  I wish we were biking through here so we could enjoy the scenery more, but I’m also glad we’re not pedaling loaded bikes up these steep mountain roads.

We finally reached the other side of this mountain range and headed to Anacortes where we got a room at the Anaco Bay Inn.  To our surprise the motel room turns out to be more like a small apartment.  It has a kitchenette, living room, even a small dining table.  It’s so nice that we decided to stay another night so we can spend time running errands (another haircut and shave for me), doing laundry and updating our blog and photos.  One thing we also had to do was empty the van of all our gear that had become scattered over the last couple weeks and re-pack for bike touring mode.  I feel bad that we didn’t take much time to sight-see in Anacortes.  We had dinner in town the first night here, but since then we’ve barely left the motel.  I’m sure the San Juan islands near here are nice, but we’re both eager to begin biking south.

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