Day 108: Multimodal: Car, Boat, Bike!

21.2 miles


Views leaving Anacortes

Last night we pulled everything out of the rental car, re-organized all of our gear and made sure we were ready to ride again today. We had ~60 miles of driving from Anacortes to Seattle to return the car to the rental agency. And before returning the car, we had to make a stop at the post office in town to pick up two packages we had delivered there. Travelers take note! Make sure you have a good idea of where a post office is located when you use it for general delivery mail. Just because its centrally located doesn’t mean its easily accessible. Alan hopped out of the car on the street in front of the post-office, and then I circled around several times, unable to find parking in downtown Seattle. Not being familiar with Seattle streets and the lack of parking made this stop a little tough and it took longer than it probably had to take since I get easily frustrated with city driving. After getting Alan back in the car with our packages, we had lunch at a Thai restaurant and then we returned the minivan. We loaded up our bikes on the sidewalk outside of the Enterprise Rental center and set off for the ferry.


Iconic Seattle Skyline

There are lots of bike lanes in Seattle, but urban biking in traffic with a loaded bike is a lot different than what we’ve been doing so far on this trip. The ride to the ferry terminus was a little hairy, but we made it with a few minutes to spare, passing through downtown and the Public Market. We took the ferry to Bremerton to truly start the Pacific Coast leg of our bike tour. The ferry ride is about an hour, and there were terrific views of Seattle and Mount Rainier, once we got away from the dock.


Rainier Looms To the East


Lazy seal

We biked off the ferry and through the town of Bremerton. I don’t know if it was because I haven’t been on my bike in nearly two weeks, but the ride was a little nerve-wracking. True, it was late afternoon on a nice Friday in October and the roads weren’t exactly bike friendly. We survived the few miles on the freeway and found our way to Belfair State Park where tonight we’ll be sleeping under the big trees of Washington.

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