Day 109: To Shelton, WA

33.77 miles

For those who don’t know, let me explain a little about the Adventure Cycling Association maps we’re following.  Each map covers about 30-40 miles and highlights our intended route as well as any services (campgrounds, motels, grocery stores, bike shops, etc) along the way.  When you get to the end of one map section, you flip it over to the next section and follow that one for the next 30 or so miles.  This morning we were riding a highway next to the water and enjoying the scenery so much that I forgot to flip the map over.  That mistake took us about 2.5 miles past a turn we needed to take.  So that’s about 5 extra miles we had to bike today.  The ironic thing is that as we rode past our missed turn, both of us remembered noticing it and being thankful we didn’t have to ride up the steep winding road it entailed.

ACA Map Sample:

DSC03366Well, eventually we got back to that steep road and struggled up it.  Thankfully that was one of only a few steep sections today.  Most of today was spent on fairly quiet roads through forests or along shorelines.  Occasionally we were on busier roads with impatient drivers, but thankfully that wasn’t too often.  The first part of today reminded me very much of some roads near the coast in southern California.  I had to keep reminding myself we’re in Washington because the plants, the water, even the houses remind me of beach communities much further to the south.

There aren’t many campgrounds along this part of our route and so today we rode as far as Shelton and got a room at the Shelton Inn.  The next campground was 18.5 miles away and neither of us is ready for such a long day.  We’re still getting used to being back on the bikes.  We had dinner at the diner adjacent to the motel and then walked up and down the main street.  It’s a nice little town and there was a beautiful sunset as we walked back to our room.  After that we used the internet to work on our blog and called it a night.

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