Day 110: To Lake Sylvia State Park

41.2 miles

After breakfast we biked out of the Shelton Inn and onto some local roads, aiming for the town of Elma. There was a steep bit of climbing right away, but then the road leveled out and we had a nice ride without too much traffic. We arrived in Elma and thought we would camp at the Travel Inn RV Resort, but after giving it some thought, we decided to press on to the town of Montesano and Lake Sylvia State Park. We had to give it some thought because going this way takes us off the ACA Pacific Coast Maps for a little while, to allow us to take a more direct route to the coast. Instead, we’ll be using a book called Bicycling the Pacific Coast by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall as our guide. We’ll link up the the ACA route again farther down the coast in Astoria, Oregon. We found a park in Elma to have lunch and discuss the route change. We both wanted to get to some more scenic riding and we agreed that making a beeline for the coast using the book route was the way to do it.

Down the road a bit, Alan had a flat tire. We found a nice shady grove of trees to stop under and while he changed the flat, I biked back up the road to get us our usual snack of chocolate milk and donuts from a little convenience store. Alan was nearly done when I returned and so we snacked and then we pedaled on to Montesano. Lake Sylvia State Park is about a mile north of town, up a big hill, but is a lovely spot to camp in. We had one of three sites occupied in the whole campground for the night. The campground loop is situated next to Lake Sylvia and under huge old growth forest that hasn’t been logged in a while. The trees are enormous and everything is lush and wet. It feels like camping in the Land of the Lost. We made dinner and went to bed listening to owls call to each other across the lake.

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