Day 120: Oregon Coast Aquarium

One reason why I booked our room here at the Comfort Inn in Newport was because they have a laundry room on-site.  I didn’t want a repeat of the day in Astoria where we wasted time running to the laundromat when we could have been sightseeing.  Last night after we arrived we did our laundry at the hotel to ensure we had today free.  We both were looking forward to visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium here in Newport.  There’s another marine research facility in town that also sounded interesting, but they’re closed on Wednesdays, so off to the Aquarium we went.

Oregon Coast AquariumWe caught a bus near the motel and arrived at the aquarium before they opened at 10.  The sea otters are fed at 10:30 and we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss that.  I was pretty impressed with the sea otter enclosure at the aquarium.  It’s a pretty large enclosure, but you can still get a close look at the otters while they dive for the food thrown by the staff.  Apparently all three of the otters here are male, which is rare compared to most aquariums.  Most facilities have all females or one male with multiple females.  The staff explained that their large enclosure ensured the males could find space of their own when their hormones were making them feel a bit aggressive.

Oregon Coast AquariumIn the next even larger enclosure were the seals and sea lions.  They were fed at 11:00 and they also put on a pretty good show of jumping in and out of the water at the direction of the staff.  They are trained to perform these actions to ensure the staff can move the animals around when needed and perform veterinary examinations on them more easily.  We then visited the seabird aviary to see the Puffins and Murres and other birds.  After lunch in the cafe we browsed some of the other exhibits of sea life before catching a bus back to the motel.  All in all, I’d say this was a pretty nice aquarium and I’m glad we made time to visit it today.  Not to mention the fact it rained most of the afternoon and there was a strong south wind.  A good day to be off the bike for sure.

The rest of our photos from the aquarium: 

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