Day 124: A Windy Devil of a Day

33.78 miles

Wouldn’t you know it, we had another drizzly morning with headwinds.  Biking south down the Pacific coast in the summer is supposed to be nice, partly due to the prevailing north winds that blow at your back all the time.  Well, it’s safe to say the winds have shifted as they are consistently out of the south now.  I don’t know if southerly winds are the norm this time of year, but it sure is annoying.  Oh well, at least the scenery is quite nice most days.

Clear cutting allows better views

Clear cutting allows better views

We had breakfast at the Super 8 in Coos Bay, but when we passed a place called “Crabby Cakes” in Charleston not long after, neither of us hesitated to stop for second breakfast.  It was a good thing we had that extra fuel in our bellies because soon after that we turned onto Seven Devils Road.  The seven devils are hills which turned out to be some of the steepest hills we’ve seen in a while.  It was a struggle to get up the hills, but we were rewarded by some nice views of the surrounding countryside from the top.  The views were helped by the logging clear cutting in places which made it easier to see into the distance.

Coming downhill towards Bandon was a lot of fun.  It was a steep, winding road which helped us forget the headwind for a while, but once we reached flatter ground we returned to drafting off each other into the wind.  We had one more steep hill today in order to reach our motel which is on top of a bluff above the ocean.  There are nice views a short walk from our room, but we both elected to stay indoors out of the stiff wind.  We got Italian food delivered and made plans to catch an early bus heading south tomorrow.  We decided to try for the first bus of the day so that if the bus is full or something we could still bike south if needed.  If we wait until a later bus we might lose a day for nothing.  It’s very rare for us to set an alarm on this trip, but I’ll set one tonight to wake us extra early.

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