Day 125: Eating up the miles

3.5 mi

We left the Table Rock Motel early this morning and caught a ride on the Curry Public Transit bus going south to Brookings. For $15 a piece, we loaded our bikes and gear in the back of the bus and traveled about 75 miles in the span of two hours; so, our mileage today doesn’t reflect the big jump we made by bus from Bandon to Brookings. There were nice views from the bus, cranberry bogs and sea stacks, but it also poured rain more than once this morning. So, I wasn’t that sorry to not be biking; we easily avoided two or three days of biking in very rainy weather. There were also a few interesting characters on the bus with us. One lady was on her way to a court appearance (she announced this) with glitter all over her face. I hope it helps her case! We also talked with a young guy who was hiking/hitchhiking/public transiting down the coast to San Francisco. He had a heavy pack with him and was a bit dirty, but he seemed pretty normal. We arrived in town at 10:45 and first stopped for lunch. We thought we might ride on to Crescent City, California today, but the weather forecast is looking more grim, so we’ll do one night here in Brookings and then do two nights in Crescent City, to wait out the rain. We enjoyed a swim in the heated indoor pool and then I walked over to the local Fred Meyer to pick up some groceries to cook dinner in our room. We’ll catch up on some Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey and then call it a night.

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