Day 126: California Dreamin’

32.6 miles


Coastal Elk Herd

This morning we woke up to a steady rain, but it stopped by the time we had breakfast and packed up our bikes. The ride from Brookings to Crescent City, California was pretty uneventful, and there wasn’t too much to see. I raced Alan to the state line and beat him to California, but other than a herd of elk, we didn’t see too much.


Arriving in the Golden State


Crescent City Harbor

We arrived at the Quality Inn about an hour before check-in, so we rode our bikes over to the harbor. The harbor docks have been completely rebuilt after being destroyed by waves from the Japanese tsunami in 2011. A substantial breakwater protects the harbor from the open ocean, although the high surf was pitching over the wall and into the air. Alan heard sea lions barking, so we rode around the harbor to find them. In addition to a raft full of sea lions, we saw plenty of seals and a clowder of harbor cats hanging out by the water. There were also western grebes and some terns that we hadn’t seen on the coast before.


Noisy Sea Dogs, I mean Sea Lions


Seals lined up like sausages


Lazy Harbor Cat, I think he’s in charge

Around three o’clock, we headed back to the hotel to check in. After unpacking and showering, we ate dinner across the road at the Harvest Cafe. The afternoon had gotten cold and I enjoyed a big bowl of clam chowder for dinner, as well as the chocolate cake for dessert. Back in the hotel room tonight we’ll catch up on Downton Abbey and otherwise be lazy.

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