Day 127: Waiting for Rain

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We took a day off in Crescent City, expecting to have day of rain. Also, I scheduled a phone interview with a college in Colorado, and wanted to be in a quiet place to take the call. So it was a pretty lazy day. I spent the morning prepping for the interview, and we went for a walk before I took the call. It was quite windy out and some rain drops were whipping around, but no serious rain started falling until late this afternoon. Even though we had to stop today for my interview, its nice to feel justified staying inside all day because of terrible weather. I reminded myself that I wouldn’t want to be riding in the wind, either, and felt much better about the day off.

Kite surfer near Crescent City

Kite Surfer

We walked north around the harbor to get a closer look at Battery Point Lighthouse. Along the way we watched a kite surfer weaving back and forth in the high wind. I was impressed with his tacking skills such that he didn’t just get blown onto land. We also spotted a single sea lion on the shore. He seemed a little sad and lonely, but hopefully nothing too serious was ailing him except the rough surf. We had lunch in the room and I took the interview call at 1:15 pm. I think it went well, and I’m pretty excited about this opportunity; I’m definitely hoping to get called for an in-person interview. If not, I’m entertaining alpaca farmer or crepe shop proprietor for my next job unless you, dear reader, have some suggestions for me to entertain.

Sad sea lion

Lonely Sea Lion

We’re doing laundry tonight so we’re all caught up for the next few days, which promise to continue to be rainy. Pizza for dinner and maybe a movie tonight and we’ll be off through the tall Redwoods tomorrow.

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  1. How about fish nursery minnow sorter, feather duster for show girls, periodic table warehouse proprietor, entry in top daughter-in-law pageant, doughnut and chocolate milk connoisseur, downhill bicycle racer and any other dumb ideas I fathom up… hehehehe

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