Days 135 & 136: A Quiet Halloween

28.04 miles

Our motel in Garberville didn’t have breakfast, but it did have a small fridge.  That allowed us to have yogurt and granola along with cold orange juice for breakfast.  I flipped on the TV while we ate and we both got caught up watching an entertaining James Brown biography on HBO.  I’ll have to download the whole thing sometime so we can finish watching it.  The town didn’t have as many transient kids around this morning, but as we pulled onto highway 101 there were a couple kids trying to hitch a ride at the on-ramp.  This has become quite commonplace along the freeway on-ramps the past couple days.

DSC01599We were on and off highway 101 most of the day.  There were narrow shoulders at times and there were several times we got off the pavement onto the dirt shoulder to let big trucks or RVs pass by.  We did ride through some redwood trees, particularly in Richardson Grove State Park, but we were focused more on traffic than the trees.  We stopped for a snack at a tourist spot called “Confusion Hill” and chatted a little bit with an older guy who’s son owns the place.  Conversation turned to the homeless kids in Garberville, who he referred to as “zombies”.  They’re apparently quite a problem around here.  Some campgrounds have even closed their hiker/biker areas due to overuse by vagrant kids.


We finally got into the town of Leggett, which isn’t much of a town.  We’re planning to stay a couple nights here to rest our legs before the big climb out of Leggett to the coast.  Plus, that will allow us to do the climb, which supposedly has windy turns with no shoulders, on a hopefully quiet Saturday morning.  We stopped at the small grocery store and bought so many groceries I had to carry one of our daypacks on my back and put the groceries in the grocery pannier where the daypack usually resides.  Very convenient to have that extra carrying capacity.  Once we got to the motel we opted to pay an extra $20 per night to get a unit with a kitchenette.  That will make it much more comfortable to make meals and work on our laptops.

The next day was Halloween and we couldn’t have found a more out of the way place to spend a holiday like this.  I wonder if this town even has any kids to go trick or treating?  After a breakfast of cold cereal with milk from our own fridge (oh, the luxury!), we used the (slow!) internet to work on logistics for upcoming travel.  Caroline has an interview at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado later this month.  We’ve decided to get ourselves to Denver so she can get some interview appropriate clothes from our storage unit before flying to Durango.  Initially I thought we might take the train to Denver since that’s convenient to do with our bikes, but I wasn’t sure how we’d get us and our bikes from Denver to Las Vegas, where we will spend Thanksgiving with my family before flying to New Zealand.  In the end I decided we’d simply ship our bikes from the Bay Area to Las Vegas (or maybe directly to New Zealand), which should be cheaper and easier than bringing them with us to Denver.  With that decision made, it was an easy matter of buying cheap one-way tickets from San Francisco to Denver and then another from Denver to Las Vegas.  Taking the train would have been scenic, but it would have taken a couple days.  Now we have that time to spend in California.

The rest of the day was spent cursing the slow internet while trying to upload photos and work on our blog.  I had a few TV episodes previously downloaded on my laptop which we were able to watch.  I also checked the brakes on our bikes since after tomorrow’s climb up to 1880 feet we’ll have a long descent back down to almost sea level.  We’re hoping tomorrow will be a quiet, scenic day on the road without any rain.

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