Day 139: End of Our Shower Streak

41.65 miles

Cool trees in Point ArenaThis morning I noticed that there were a bunch of birds in the trees around our campsite.  The campground was mostly empty, so it was nice to just watch and listen to the birds a while as they flitted around the trees and grass.  I wonder if this spot is popular with birds because there aren’t many trees surrounding here.  As I’ve read the Biking for Birds blog this year, I’ve learned that isolated pockets of trees tend to be popular spots for birds.

Coastal cliffsTraffic wasn’t bad this morning and we were happy to see that drivers were actually patient and didn’t try to pass us in a dangerous manner every five minutes.  What a nice change! 🙂  We passed through a few small towns today and also an area called Sea Ranch which had kind of a country club vibe.  It had lots of nice homes and private roads.  The scenery continued to be thoroughly enjoyable for most of the day.  I especially like it when there’s a small beach enclosed by rocky cliffs on either side.  If it wasn’t for the busy highway going past, they’d be nice little beach escapes.

One of many small cove beaches we passed

One of many small cove beaches we passed

Enjoying the viewsThere were still a lot of hills today and we were getting tired towards the end of the day.  We finally reached the campground at Salt Lake State Park, which was about our only option for camping around here.  I was tempted to splurge on a pricey room at a nearby inn, but in the end we were fine with camping.  However, this campground doesn’t have showers, so today was the first time on this trip when we haven’t had a hot shower at the end of a day of biking.  Yes, we’re the kind of cycle tourists who like to have a shower every day.  It’s sad to see our “winning streak” of showers end, but hopefully this is one of the few occasions when we have to “rough it” like this.  It’s getting dark pretty early now with daylight savings ended, and so we were in our tent by 6 PM tonight to watch some TV before bed.

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