Day 147: Cruisin’ through Santa Cruz

36.5 miles

This morning started out foggy and cool as we set out for the Santa Cruz area. Eventually the fog burned off and we had clear, sunny weather as we rode south.

Brussel sprout field along the highway
We stopped at a farm market for a slice of pie. They had piles of pumpkins leftover from Halloween.

Yummy pumpkin pie at a roadside stand

Pumpkins and squash at the farm stand

Pumpkins and squash at the farm stand

After lunch in Davenport, we continued on the Pacific Coast Highway, high above the ocean at times. We spotted some surfers and stopped to enjoy the view.

Surfers past the rocks
Towards the end of the day, we reached the town of Santa Cruz where there was bike path and well-marked bike lanes that made biking through this busy town relatively easy. A classic California beach town, Santa Cruz has beautiful waterfront homes and lots of amenities for tourists, including a big amusement park close to the ocean. But dusk comes quickly now in November, so we decided to call it a night at the Rio Sands hotel in Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz rather than camping as we had originally planned.

Santa Cruz rollercoaster

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