Day 148: Bicycling into Steinbeck Country

39.3 miles

We set out from the Rio Sands hotel with an immediate steep climb from sea level. It looks like some of these houses are struggling to stay put up on this bluff. This was followed by a gradual descent back to the ocean along Monterrey Bay into the Salad Bowl of California.

We had to climb a very steep road to get up here

Steep Climb from Hotel

Seriously, until you see it for your own eyes, you cannot fathom how much food is grown here. We saw acres and acres of strawberries, cabbages, cauliflower, artichokes and brussel sprouts. And more fields in preparation for the next round in the non-stop growing season of central California. We stopped at a mushroom farm to have lunch at one of the taco trucks that hops around to all the farms to feed the workers.

More brussel sprouts south of Santa Cruz

Brussel Sprouts south of Santa Cruz

Panorama of strawberry fields with lots of cars from people picking the berries

Strawberry Fields Panorama

More brussel sprouts

More brussel sprouts

More alpacas

Alpacas in the Salad Bowl

Our lunch today came from the lunch truck in the background.  Yummy burritos!

Lunch stop at mushroom farm

Interesting patchwork of empty fields ready for planting

Interesting patchwork of empty fields ready for planting

North of the town of Marina, we turned inland, zig-zagging around the fields of Salinas. Salinas is a major agricultural center and the home of author John Steinbeck. It was pretty easy riding to get to the house of my friends, Catherine and Mike. I met Catherine and Mike in graduate school when Catherine was in my graduate program and Mike was in medical school at the University of Virginia. Even though I’ve only seen them only a few times since we all graduated, it’s always like we haven’t been away at all when we do get together. We still have so much in common, except now there are kids! We met their boys, Ryan and Andrew, after school, and Catherine made us a terrific dinner. Mike is at a conference for another day, so we won’t see him until tomorrow night.


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    • I read a lot of Steinbeck as a kid. I’m not sure where I got the books from though.

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